AT&T’s Sixth Strike & the VPN Solution

Buy VPN  A coworker friend explained recently how he rents three bedrooms to young college adults.  He offers Wi-Fi Internet as part of the package deal, an AT&T connection with a healthy 20mps of bandwidth.  Unfortunately, one renter repeatedly ignored the no downloading copyrighted materials rule.  Soon after my friend received written warnings from AT&T, explaining that once he reached six warnings total, his Internet service would be discontinued.  By the time he shared his dilemma with me, he was already on warning #5!

To protect his Internet service and maintain his renters’ perks and loyalty, he learned about the many benefits of purchasing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.  Being the thorough researcher that he is, he quickly discovered that Private Internet Access ranked in the top five VPN services for a great low price of $3.33/month; a mere drop in the bucket, compared to other available services.  Once he started using VPN, his bandwidth speed increased significantly.  Repeated download tests exceeded 100mbs; over x5 times faster than with his normal AT&T connection!  (Warning: your connection speeds may vary.)

Since then, he’s maintained good standing with his Internet Service Provider (ISP) and enjoys other VPN security benefits.  Private Internet Access provides him with complete online anonymity and security by:

  • masking his households’ online activity
  • hiding his location when accessing websites
  • hiding his location from email recipients
  • protecting his machine from malicious users
  • providing a encryption layer on his data
  • protecting his privacy when using public Wi-Fi spots
  • protecting his privacy from his ISP

He can’t control everything in life, but he can control his Internet security and privacy!  Private Internet Access is the way to go.



Virtru for Business (Encrypted Emails & Attachments)


Virtru for Business (Encrypted Emails & Attachments) Free!
  1. Easy for the sender: Works with your existing email addresses and devices.
  2. Easy for the recipient: There is no software to install; anyone can read anywhere.
  3. Email and file revocation that works. Users and administrators can take back messages sent to anyone inside or outside your organization.
  4. Trace and restrict where emails and files are forwarded over the entire lifespan.
  5. Grant users the ability to add expiration dates to emails and attachments without restricting administrator ability to archive and recover.
  6. No software or hardware installation is required. Virtru combines a secure cloud service with a browser plug-in, an add-on to Mac Mail or Outlook, or a mobile app.
  7. Unlike legacy encryption products, Virtru never has access to your content.
  8. Meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

Install Virtru web browser addons / extensions and mobile apps