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gd_imageLooking for something?  Perplexed about your GoDaddy PHPMyAdmin’s username and password?  Well here it is… Your username is the same as your database name and your password is…  well heck, how would I  know?  If you lose your password, you may need to contact GoDaddy for help.  There isn’t an I forgot my password link anywhere to be found.  Wacky, isn’t it?

Recently I was sharing this info with a web dev/programmer friend of mine, who needed to set his database connection configurations.  He was disbelieving, finding it peculiar.  What can I say?  I don’t make this stuff up.  Good luck!  I hope this helps any lost GoDaddy souls out there.

7 thoughts on “GoDaddy PHPMyAdmin Username & Password

  1. I’m trying to access phpMyAdmin on a Linux GoDaddy hosted site. I have the username, but can’t find the password anywhere.

    The bit on the bottom of phpMyAdmin login says:
    You may reset your database password in the Hosting Control Center.

    It’s as if phpMyAdmin is an estranged step child in the eyes of GoDaddy. There’s little to any information on it, and it’s not even in the applications panel.

    Thanks anyway!

  2. Took me for-eh-ver, but I found the password. or lack there of. Click on the “Pencil” icon on the right of the database. Then click on the password icon at the top. Enter a new password. Then click on “Open Manager” to get in. Ugh, that was all it took?

  3. Thanks for this information. Couldn’t figure out the database name or how to reset the password until I found this. It seems that there is very little information on anything at GoDaddy.

    • Hi there!

      You are very welcome. It is challenging, especially with GoDaddy frequently updating and changing their website navigations. Let me know, if there’s anything more I can assist you with.
      Thank you!

      GetJef =)

  4. So at one point, there was a link that said, “log into phpMyAdmin,” and I clicked on it and entered my username and password and it didn’t work. I even tried resetting my password like Jimi suggested. Nothing.

    Then I tried the “Open Manager” assuming it’d make me put in my username/password again (I mean, that’s why I hadn’t tried it previously), but it automatically logs you in.

    I think they use database prefixes, they just don’t tell you what it is or how to deal with it when logging in…?

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